Brand Typeface is a critical element in Branding, and it's the type of font that a brand chooses to use in its marketing and communication efforts. A well-selected typeface can reflect a brand's personality and make its products and services more recognizable to its target audience. 

According to noted design expert David Airey, "Typefaces carry specific personality traits, just as people do. A typeface can communicate a message, evoke emotion, and establish a relationship with the audience before they have even read the words." (Airey, 2008).

A consistent typeface helps create visual unity across a brand's communications, contributing to a strong brand identity. Therefore, the typeface used in a brand's logo, website, advertisements, and other marketing materials must be consistent to ensure that the brand's identity remains recognizable and distinctive.

To wrap up, the brand typeface is an integral aspect of a brand's identity, and its selection must be made with great care and consideration. A well-chosen typeface can enhance a brand's personality and help build its visual identity, and consistency across all communications is key to building a strong brand. Therefore, brand typeface selection and usage play a crucial role in establishing a strong brand identity. A well-chosen typeface conveys a brand's personality and helps create visual unity, contributing to recognition and distinction.