Brand Means refers to the specific and unique qualities and attributes that a brand possesses and represents. It encompasses what a brand stands for, what it represents, and what makes it distinct from others. It includes both functional and emotional benefits that a brand provides to its customers. Brand Means helping to form the identity and personality of a brand and communicate the brand's values and promise to its target audience.

Aaker, a leading academic and practitioner in the field of brand management, emphasizes the importance of defining the Brand Means for a brand to effectively connect with its target audience and differentiate itself from competitors. Through the development of clear and unique Brand Means, a brand can create a strong identity, build customer loyalty, and achieve long-term success.

Developing a clear and concise Brand Means is crucial for a brand's success as it helps to create a strong connection with customers and distinguish the brand from its competitors. A well-defined Brand Means can also help build brand loyalty and customer trust.