Brand Research

Brand research is a type of marketing Research (or Brand Market Research) conducted to investigate the various aspects of a new or established brand among various stakeholders, such as customers, prospects, consumers of your competitors, employees, investors, partners, or suppliers. It helps understand the characteristics that truly set the Brand apart from the competition in the eyes of its public.

To fully understand the implications of this definition, we first have to nail down the concept of the Brand: The Brand is how its target audience perceives the expression of its Values, Personality, and Identity. It's a projection of the Brand's expertise and the experience it creates. Brand research is when we examine how each of those two versions compares, either to understand better how a company's long-standing branding is performing or before it launches its Brand.

Brand research will help to find the answers to questions like "Who is aware of my Brand? What source did they use to learn about my Brand? What do they think of and say about my Brand? What is their relationship to my Brand, from a total stranger to an ardent follower?

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