The consumer Analysis tool is designed to help you better understand your target audience. Define your Private Consumer (B2C) based on sex, age, marital status, personal and household income, and education, or Business Consumer (B2B) based on sales range and the number of employees and see how these factors relate to each other.

Make intelligent decisions about your Brand Platform and reach your target audience effectively.
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  • Define Private Consumers (B2C) based on demographics and income or Business Consumers (B2B) by sales and employees, and see how these factors relate to each other to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

  • Get a detailed breakdown of the size of your target audience, giving you valuable insights into the makeup and size of your market.

  • Track changes in your target group over time to better understand how your audience is evolving and stay up-to-date to make more informed decisions about your Brand Platform.


What is Consumer Analysis?

Consumer Analysis is the process of studying and understanding the needs, behaviors, and preferences of a company's target audience. This information is used to inform brand strategy, product development, and marketing efforts.

Why is Consumer Analysis important?

Consumer Analysis is important because it allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, which in turn can help them create more effective marketing campaigns, develop more appealing products, and improve customer satisfaction.

Why do I need Consumer Analysis?

Consumer Analysis is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive in today's marketplace. By understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience, you can make more informed decisions about your brand strategy, product development, and marketing efforts.

What information will I gather from Consumer Analysis?

When performing consumer analysis with Brandergate's ABI Analyst, you can gather a wide range of information about your target audience. It includes demographic information such as age, gender, marital status, and location, as well as education and income. Additionally, our advanced capabilities allow you to track changes in your target audience over time and gain insights into their behavior and preferences.

How can Brandergate help me with Consumer Analysis?

With Brandergate's ABI Analyst consumer analysis tool, you can better understand your target audience through segmentation and demographic analysis. The tool allows you to segment your audience into different groups based on demographics and other characteristics, which can help you better understand and analyze specific audience segments. Additionally, the tool includes various demographic data that can be used to understand your target audience's age, gender, income, education, and other key characteristics.