Brand Analytics

Brand analytics is an essential toolset for companies and organizations that want to understand the performance and effectiveness of their branding efforts and make informed decisions about developing and improving their branding platforms and strategies.

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Industry Analysis

Our Industry Analysis tool provides comprehensive industry data and projections to inform your Brand Strategy and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Consumer Analysis

dentify B2C and B2B target groups based on demographics such as sex, age, income, education, or sales range, and the number of employees, and see how these factors relate to each other.

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Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with our tool that offers insights into the size of the market and the number of competitors based on sales and employee range and allows you to identify specific competitors and view their brand platforms.

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Brand Landscape

Understand general trends in your industry with the Brand Landscape tool, including dominant Brand Values, Personality dimensions, and commonly used Identity elements

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Brand Explorer

Gain a comprehensive understanding of leading brand's Brand Platforms, including Brand Values, Personality Dimensions and Traits, and Identity elements.

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Brand Lookup

Explore and analyze any brand's values, personality, and identity elements with Brand Lookup, including data on annual revenue and employees.

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Why do I need Brand Analytics?

Brand Analytics helps you gain valuable insights into your industry and target audience, which can help you differentiate your brand from competitors and establish a clear position in the market.

What is Brand Analytics?

Brand analytics is the process of measuring and analyzing a brand's performance, typically through collecting and analyzing data from various sources such as social media, website traffic, and customer feedback.

How to develop Brand Analytics with Brandergate?

Brandergate offers ABI Analyst Starter and Pro to help with brand analytics. ABI Analyst is a powerful tool for analyzing and understanding your industry, competitors, and target audience, with the ability to analyze up to 15 industries in the Starter version for free and over 150 industries in the Pro version.

What tools ABI Analyst includes?

ABI Analyst includes a comprehensive set of tools designed to empower businesses in their brand analysis and strategy. Some of the key tools included are Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Analysis, Brand Landscape, and Brand Explorer. These tools provide valuable insights and data to help businesses make informed decisions about their brand positioning, identify market opportunities, understand consumer behavior, and stay ahead of the competition.