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Brand Research: The Complete Guide

Brand research is a type of marketing Research (or Brand Market Research) conducted to investigate the various aspects of a new or established brand among various stakeholders, such as customers, prospects, consumers of your competitors, employees, investors, partners, or suppliers. It helps understand the characteristics that truly set the Brand apart from the competition in the eyes of its public.

Brand Values: A Complete Guide

Discover the importance of brand values in our comprehensive guide. Explore how establishing clear values can improve brand identity and foster customer loyalty. Gain expert insights and practical tips for defining and communicating your brand values on Brandergate's Knowledge Base.

Brand Personality: The Complete Guide

Brand personality, also known as Brand Personality Construct, represents the human-like attributes or traits a brand is perceived to embody by its target audience. It characterizes how consumers view a brand as exhibiting human-like behavior and qualities.

The importance of Branding for Startups: Why your Brand matters from day One

In today's highly competitive business landscape, startups face an uphill battle to stand out and make a lasting impression. Yet, amidst the noise, one crucial factor can make all the difference: Branding. The importance of a well-crafted Brand cannot be overstated, as it serves as the backbone of your startup's identity and value proposition. This article delves into the significance of Branding for startups, showcasing how it sets the foundation for success from day one.

Fubar Branding: How to turn your Brand Story into a Cautionary Tale

Welcome back to another installment of Fubar Branding, where we help you destroy your brand with style! Today, we're diving into the world of brand messaging and storytelling.

Fubar Branding: How to ignore Brand Analytics completely and hope to get away with it

Welcome to another episode of Fubar Branding, where we teach you how to destroy your brand completely! In this article, we'll focus on one crucial aspect of branding that is often overlooked: Brand Analytics.

Fubar Branding: How to turn a simple Rebranding into a disaster in 5 easy steps

Welcome to our latest Fubar Branding article, where we provide professional tips on taking a simple rebranding effort and turning it into a complete and utter disaster. Today, we're focusing on one of the most infamous examples of branding failure in recent history - the Gap rebranding disaster of 2010.

Fubar Branding: How to ruin your Brand Platform right from the start in 5 simple steps

Welcome to the Fubar Branding series, where we provide professional tips on how to sabotage your brand and branding completely. Our first article on "How to ruin your Brand Platform right from the start in 5 easy steps. Are you ready to learn some essential tips on how to sabotage your brand's success? Well, let's get started!