The Brand Lookup is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of almost any Brand in your industry. With it, you can explore the Brand Platforms, including their Brand Values, Personality Dimensions and Traits, and Brand Identity elements such as color and typography. Additionally, you can view data such as the company's annual revenue range and the number of employees.

Use Brand Lookup to gain insights and inform your Brand Strategy by analyzing the Brand Platforms of thousands of Brands across hundreds of industries.
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  • Explore and identify the Brand Values of Brands and understand the dimensions of their values.

  • Get a comprehensive view of the Brand's dimensions of Brand Personalities, including Personality Traits.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Brand Identities of any brand and how they use visual elements such as color and typography.


What is the Brand Lookup tool?

The Brand Lookup tool is a powerful feature of Brandergate that allows you to search for and analyze individual brands in-depth. It provides comprehensive information about brand values, personality, and identity elements, and other key components contributing to a brand's identity and positioning.

Why is the Brand Lookup tool important?

The Brand Lookup tool is important because it helps you gain valuable insights into your competitors' branding strategies and market positioning. By analyzing other brands in your industry, you can understand what works well, identify gaps and opportunities, and make informed decisions about your own brand development and differentiation.

How can the Brand Lookup tool help in creating a brand platform?

The Brand Lookup tool serves as a valuable resource for creating a brand platform. By studying successful brands within your industry, you can gain inspiration for defining your brand values, personality, and visual identity. It allows you to benchmark against industry leaders, learn from their strategies, and develop a strong and unique brand platform that resonates with your target audience.

Where does the data for the Brand Lookup tool come from?

The data for the Brand Lookup tool is sourced from various online platforms, including websites, blogs, news articles, reviews, and more. The data is retrieved instantly if the brand you are searching for is already in our database. However, if the brand is not in our database, we employ web scraping techniques to gather and analyze information from different sources in a matter of minutes. This ensures that you have access to comprehensive and up-to-date data for your brand analysis needs.