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Brand Research

Brand research is a type of marketing Research (or Brand Market Research) conducted to investigate the various aspects of a new or established brand among various stakeholders.

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Brand Board

A brand board represents a brand's identity, including elements like logo, color, typography, and imagery.

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Brand Colors

Brand colors are a fundamental aspect of a brand's visual identity. They convey emotions and values and create a unique and recognizable look for a brand.

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Brand Assets

Brand Assets refer to the physical and intangible resources that contribute to a brand's overall value.

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Brand Guidelines

A brand guideline, also known as a style guide or Brand standards, is a set of rules and standards that outline how a brand should be consistently represented across all communication and marketing materials.

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Brand Values

Brand values are the beliefs, values, and principles that guide a brand's actions and behaviors and shape how it is perceived by its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

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