Brand Attributes are the defining characteristics or features that make a brand unique and distinguish it from its competitors. They can be either tangible or intangible and include things like product features, customer service, company values, and brand personality. These attributes are crucial in shaping customer perceptions and ultimately influencing purchasing decisions.

According to marketing expert Al Ries, "Brand attributes are the basic building blocks of a brand. If the attributes are strong and positive, the brand will have a strong and positive image." (Ries, Al, and Jack Trout. 1999). Therefore, understanding and defining a brand's attributes is critical to brand development and management. By clearly articulating the attributes that define a brand, companies can ensure that all marketing and communication efforts are aligned and consistent.

The development of brand attributes can take place over time through market research and customer feedback. Still, it is crucial to maintain a clear and consistent set of features to ensure that the brand stays relevant and recognizable to its target audience. The management of brand attributes involves monitoring and ensuring that the attributes continue to accurately reflect the brand and making changes as needed to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer needs and expectations.

Finally, brand attributes play a critical role in building and maintaining a strong brand identity. By clearly defining and consistently reinforcing these attributes, companies can create a strong brand image and foster long-term brand loyalty among their customers.

Brand attributes and assets are two important concepts in brand management, but they refer to different aspects of a brand. Brand attributes are the specific characteristics that describe a brand and differentiate it from other brands. 

These include a brand's personality, values, tone of voice, and visual elements. In contrast, brand assets refer to the tangible and intangible elements that contribute to a brand's value and equity. These can include things like a brand's name, logo, slogans, patents, and customer relationships. Simply put, brand attributes define a brand, while brand assets give a brand its value.