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What is Brandergate?

Brandergate is a company that offers a suite of analytical tools to help businesses understand their target audience, analyze their industry, and create a strong and recognizable brand. Our tools include ABI Analyst Starter and ABI Analyst Pro for competitor and consumer analysis and ABI Brander for creating a comprehensive brand platform.

Can I customize the services offered by Brandergate?

Yes, Brandergate offers a service called ABI Agency, where agencies can request customized services and receive personalized quotes based on their specific needs. Agencies can request specific industries or data analysis, and we will provide a tailored solution.

What is ABI Agency, and how can it benefit my agency?

ABI Agency is a product for agencies that want to move their Branding and Marketing service to the next level. With unlimited projects on ABI Analyst and ABI Brander, ABI Agency allows creating tailored requests, such as specific industry analytics or white-label projects and reports and other customized features to best suit their needs.

How can I use ABI Brander to create a Brand Platform?

ABI Brander is a tool that allows you to create a unique and cohesive Brand Platform for your company or organization. The process begins by defining your Brand Values using the 3D Brand Values Framework. This framework helps you identify the dimensions of your values and evaluate how well they reflect your vision and can be incorporated into your daily business processes.

Next, you'll use the 4D Brand Personality Framework to define and evaluate your Brand Personality Traits. This framework will help you identify your main Personality Dimension and benchmark against leading brands and competitors in your industry by comparing each Brand Personality Trait against industry averages.

Once you've defined your Brand Values and Personality, ABI Brander will generate primary and secondary colors, typography, and geometry/symbols for a cohesive brand board that accurately reflects your values and personality. This powerful tool streamlines the branding process and helps you create a strong and recognizable brand.

What is ABI Brander, and what are its main features?

ABI Brander assists users in creating a comprehensive Brand Platform for their business. It includes various features that allow users to define and evaluate their Brand Values, Personality Traits, and Identity elements.

The tool includes features such as primary and secondary color palette suggestions, typography style recommendations, and logo design options. The 3D Brand Values Framework and 4D Brand Personality Framework are integral components of ABI Brander, allowing users to better understand their brand and how their target audience perceives it. Additionally, the tool includes a Brand Identity Generator, which creates a cohesive Brand Board based on the values and personality defined by the user. 

What are the main features of ABI Analyst Starter and Pro?

ABI Analyst Starter and ABI Analyst Pro offer Industry, Consumer, and Competitor analysis tools. The main features of ABI Analyst Starter include the ability to analyze 15 industries for free with unlimited competitors and consumer groups. The ABI Analyst Pro includes the ability to analyze over 150 industries with unlimited competitors and consumer groups, plus it includes Competitor Intelligence and Brand Lookup tools.