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Brandergate is a Brand Development Platform with unique Artificial Branding Intelligence © (ABI) at its core. Made for entrepreneurs and founders, startups, and agencies, Brandergate helps analyze, create and manage entire Brands intelligently online.

Uncoveringhidden insights.We analyze millions of Brand Visual and Verbal Expressions through their communication by studying thousands of sources, such as websites, news, blogs, and social networks, across 150+ industries with tens of thousands of leading brands.

Brand Analytics

Brand analytics is an essential toolset for companies and organizations that want to understand the performance and effectiveness of their branding efforts and make informed decisions about developing and improving their branding platforms and strategies.

Brand Platform

Our Brand Platform toolset is designed to help develop Core Brand Elements such as Values, the beliefs that a brand stands for, a Brand Personality and the traits that a brand wants to project, and Identity which includes visual elements such as color, typography, and imagery.

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Discover powerful Brand insights by analyzing your Industry, Competitors, Consumers, and entire Brand Landscape.

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Unlock even more with unlimited, industry, competitor, and consumer analysis to take your analytics to the next level.

$65  / per month

Create an entire Brand Platform: Its Values, Personality, and Identity, and benchmark it against hundreds of Brands in your industry.

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$85 / per month
Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Brand Landscape
Brand Explorer
Competitor Intelligence
Brand Lookup
Brand Values - Development & Industry Benchmarking
Brand Personality - Development & Industry Benchmarking
Brand Identity - Development & Industry Benchmarking

Unlock unlimited Branding and Analytical capabilities with our Agency package. Request specific Industries, and create tailor-made and white-label projects for your clients. Contact us now to discuss your needs and receive a personalized quote for our services.

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