Brand Board refers to a visual representation that encapsulates the brand's key elements and provides a visual guideline for all stakeholders. It is a tool that helps ensure consistency across all touchpoints and helps ensure that the brand stays true to its identity. The brand board typically includes the brand's mission, values, tone of voice, visual elements, and key messaging.

According to branding expert Wally Olins, "The brand board is the cornerstone of a brand's visual identity. It sets the visual parameters and provides a clear roadmap for how the brand should be presented in all communications."

A brand board helps organizations ensure that their brand stays consistent and recognizable, regardless of whether an advertising campaign, a social media post or a product packaging represents it. This consistency helps build brand equity, increases brand recognition, and helps organizations communicate their message more effectively.

Overall, the brand board is a crucial element of any brand strategy and should be developed in collaboration with all stakeholders, including marketing, design, and product teams.