Brand Discovery refers to the process of exploring, identifying, and understanding the key elements that make up a brand, including its purpose, values, personality, and target audience. It is the first step in the brand development process and plays a crucial role in helping organizations to define and refine their brand identity.

"Brand discovery is the process of uncovering what makes a brand unique and special and distilling it into a clear, compelling, and differentiated expression of the brand's essence," says author and branding expert Marty Neumeier. By exploring the brand's history, personality, and competition, organizations can understand what sets their brand apart from others and what makes it meaningful to its target audience.

The brand discovery process involves a deep dive into the brand's history, values, mission, and competitors. It also includes research into the target audience, including their preferences, behaviors, and pain points. Through this process, organizations can identify their brand's unique attributes and benefits and determine the most effective messaging and positioning to reach their target audience.

Brand discovery is a critical step in developing a solid and differentiated brand. By fully understanding their brand's unique qualities and attributes, organizations can create a brand strategy that resonates with their target audience and sets them apart from the competition.