Brand Promise refers to the commitment a brand makes to its customers regarding the experience and value they can expect from its products or services. It is a statement of what the brand stands for and the benefits it provides, and it serves as a promise to customers that the brand will deliver on its brand promise every time they interact with it. "A brand promise is the foundation of a brand's identity and serves as a commitment to deliver a specific set of benefits to customers," wrote Phil Kotler (Phil Kotler, 2003).

The history of the brand promise dates back to the early days of Branding when brands were established to provide customers with a guarantee of quality and consistency. Over time, the brand promise evolved to become a powerful tool for building brand loyalty and creating a strong emotional connection between a brand and its customers.

"A brand promise is the foundation for building trust with customers. It is the commitment a brand makes to deliver on its promises, which is critical for building a strong emotional connection and creating a loyal customer base." (David Aaker, 1997). This quote by branding expert David A. Aaker highlights the importance of brand promise as a fundamental aspect of building trust with customers. The brand promise is a commitment a brand makes to deliver a specific experience or set of benefits to its customers. It can include both functional and emotional benefits, as well as a promise of consistent quality and reliability.

A well-crafted brand promise comprises several elements, including a clear and concise statement of the brand's purpose, a detailed description of its benefits, and a demonstration of its commitment to its customers. Some common elements of brand promises include quality, reliability, customer service, affordability, and sustainability.

A brand must live up to its promise and consistently deliver on its promises. Failing to deliver on a brand promise can lead to disappointment and erosion of trust with customers. On the other hand, consistently delivering on a brand promise can increase brand loyalty, create a strong emotional connection, and enhance the brand's reputation.

To sum up, a brand promise is essential to a brand's identity and is critical in building customer trust and loyalty. Therefore, a brand promise should be well-crafted, clearly communicated, and consistently delivered to help a brand achieve its goals and reach its full potential.