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Brandergate's Research Methodology

Brandergate is dedicated to conducting in-depth research on brand values, Personality, and identity. Our research methodology involves analyzing tens of thousands of brands across over 50 industries. We use two frameworks to guide our research: the 3D Brand Values (3DBV) Framework and the 4D Brand Personality (4DBP) Framework.

Our research begins by scraping textual data throughout the web. Then, the sources are analyzed for Brand Value Elements and Brand personality Traits by breaking down the text into individual sentences and using sentiment analysis to determine the polarity score of each sentence. We use SpaCy, a free and open-source natural language processing library, to link subject-adjective pairs in the text and score each adjectives and nouns based on its similarity to the ones defined in the 3DBV and 4DBP frameworks.

Our approach to brand research is holistic, as we aim to understand and develop all components of a brand's platform, including values, Personality, and identity. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide brands with valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses and to help them make informed decisions about their branding and marketing strategies.

Brandergate developed a platform that allows consumers to assess their own company's values and brand personality traits based on the 3D Brand Values framework and 4D Brand Personality framework and, with the assistance of Artificial Branding Intelligence, defines Brands' Colors, Typography, and Geometry. The platform utilizes the information and data collected from the analysis of different industries and companies to create primary and secondary colors and color palettes that align with your Brand's values and personality traits, propose the best option of fonts based on type and style, and suggest appropriate Symbol (geometry) for Logo.

Brandergate's Artificial Branding Intelligence consists of several AI models, mainly:

1. Brand Values and Brand Personality AI models to analyze "Brand Expressions," i.e., specific words used to describe a Brand Values and Personality with the help of 3DBV and 4DBP Frameworks;

2. AI model to analyze the colors of different brands inside the industries. The model may study the colors these companies use in their branding and marketing materials, such as logos, websites, and advertising;

3. AI model to analyze the typography of different brands and companies. The model may analyze the typography these companies use in their branding and marketing materials, such as logos, websites, and advertising. The model can be used to define the typeface, style, and other attributes of the typography used by the company;

4. AI model to analyze the logos of different brands. The model may analyze the symbols, shapes, and other attributes of the companies' logos. The AI model that analyzes logos predicts and proposes appropriate symbols (geometry) for a user's Brandmark based on their values and personality traits and differentiates it from those used by other companies in the same industry.

To conclude, Brandergate's research methodology is focused on analyzing and developing the core components of a brand's platform: values, Personality, and identity. By using cutting-edge AI models and advanced natural language processing techniques, we can provide brands with a comprehensive understanding of their brand platform, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth.