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Overview of Brandergate's ABI Products 


Brandergate is a leading company in the field of Brand Platform development. Our goal is to help businesses better understand their customers and competitors and ultimately make smarter branding decisions. To achieve this goal, we offer a suite of products designed to provide insightful and actionable information about a brand's market position, customer demographics, and much more.

Brandergate's Artificial Branding Intelligence © (ABI) is a sophisticated AI system that uses data from tens of thousands of Brands across various industries to create predictive models for different aspects of a brand. The system includes interconnected modules that analyze a brand and makes predictions about its values, personality, color palette, font choices, and symbols. Each module operates independently, but the information they generate is integrated to provide a comprehensive understanding of a brand. As a result, the ABI system allows businesses to make informed decisions about their brand identity by leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

This section of our support page will provide an overview of the different ABI products offered by Brandergate. These products include the ABI Analyst (with its Starter and Pro versions), ABI Brander, and ABI Agency. Each product is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of different sizes, from small startups to large multinational corporations.

ABI Analyst

The ABI Analyst Starter is perfect for businesses starting their branding efforts. This product offers the ability to create up to 10 projects and conduct up to 10 competitor analyses and 20 consumer group analyses. It makes it ideal for businesses looking to get a comprehensive overview of their market position without investing in a more comprehensive product.

The ABI Analyst Pro is designed for businesses looking to take their branding efforts to the next level. This product offers all of the features of the ABI Analyst Starter but with unlimited project creation and analysis capabilities. It is ideal for businesses conducting in-depth research into different markets and Brand Landscapes to make data-driven branding decisions.

ABI Brander

ABI Brander is a comprehensive Brand Development tool created for entrepreneurs and startups looking to develop an entire Brand Platform with its Values, Personality, and Identity. It offers an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the creation process. First, the tool analyzes a brand's values, personality, and identity elements, such as color palettes, font choices, and symbols. Then it provides industry averages to help you benchmark and understand how to optimize each component. It also allows you to conduct Industry, competitor, and consumer analysis, providing valuable insights into how your brand is perceived in the marketplace.

ABI Agency

ABI Agency is a complete branding solution designed specifically for agencies that offer branding services to their clients. It provides access to the full suite of ABI tools that enables agencies to manage multiple branding projects for their clients, streamlining the branding process and providing a unified view of all branding activities. It also offers advanced reporting and collaboration capabilities, allowing agencies to share results and collaborate with their clients on branding decisions. With ABI Agency, agencies can provide their clients with high-quality branding services backed by data and powered by AI.

Whether you are just starting with your branding efforts or looking to take your steps to the next level, Brandergate has the ABI products to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide businesses with the information they need to make smarter branding decisions, and we are confident that our suite of ABI products will help you achieve that goal.