ABI Analyst


ABI Analyst is a powerful toolset for Industry, competitor, consumer, and brand analysis. It contains all the tools to gain valuable insights into your Industry, understand your competition, and inform your brand strategy. ABI Analyst is available in both a Free Starter and a Pro version. It contains Industry analysis, Competitor Analysis, Competitor Intelligence, Consumer Analysis, Brand Landscape, Brand Explorer, and Brand Lookup tools. For more information on tools, please see the individual section for every tool on our support page.

ABI Analyst Starter

The ABI Analyst Starter is the perfect free version of ABI Analyst Pro that offers the ability to create unlimited projects and analyze 15 Industries. Also, unlimited competitor and consumer group analyses.

ABI Analyst Pro

The ABI Analyst Pro is designed for businesses looking to take their analytics efforts to the next level with the ability to analyze over 150 Industries, unlimited competitor and consumer group analysis, plus on-demand analysis of Competitors' Brand Platforms using Competitor Intelligence Tool and almost any Brand using Brand Lookup Tool. It is ideal for businesses conducting in-depth research into different markets and Brand Landscapes to make data-driven branding decisions.